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Hall of Fame Gallery

Now open to the public - Free for Guests! 

Take an immersive journey through the past and present by exploring our comprehensive gallery of Bay Area music legends. The San Francisco Music Hall of Fame Gallery proudly showcases two floors of iconic artistry, history, and innovation, accompanied by informational placards written by voices with Rolling Stone magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more!

Rehearsal Studios

*PLEASE NOTE* - Our Studios are currently closed for renovation until further notice. We look forward to jamming with you soon!

Wake up, head downstairs, and start your own super group by utilizing one of our Rehearsal Studios. Each studio contains all the quality gear you need to unleash your inner musician and bring forth the talented musical being inside you. 

Check out our Studios!

Walk of Fame

Marvel at our outdoor ‘Walk of Fame’ honoring the top music legends in San Francisco by having them immortalized on our brick entryway by renowned Radio DJ Paul Wells.


*PLEASE NOTE* - To help mitigate COVID concerns, all events hosted by us are currently on pause until further notice.

Live the experience by staying in touch with all of the Music City Events by checking out our events page, venue flyers, or talking to our helpful staff members!


Tune into auditory adventure with ‘Music City Radio.’ Stay up to date with the new concerts, events, and more happening in San Francisco; all while listening to the next new wave of bands from across the bay area.

Backstage Pass

*Studios Currently CLOSED until further notice*

Have a musical encounter with local bands practicing in our studio space. With the Backstage Pass, participating bands invite YOU into their live practice session so check out the future rock, jazz, and operatic rising stars of our community.

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