Music City Statement of Purpose

Music City, a musical incubator and an epicenter for the performing arts, is rooted in the belief that musical talent and creativity continue to be drawn to the San Francisco Bay Area. From the counterculture movement of the beat poets in the 1950’s, to the surge of musicians who gave us the Summer of Love, to the megastar classic rock acts of the 1970’s and 80’s, to the innovative contributions of rap, hip hop, and punk of the 1990’s, San Francisco has always stood as the bastion for the working musician and a musical epicenter of the world. The cost of living, however, has eroded the many opportunities musicians once had, and despite technologies’ quick access to a musician’s’ work, the lack of a centralized physical community has impaired people’s ability to connect on a human level. Music City stands as that community.

Through brick and mortar, built by hands and hearts, our objective is simple: To nourish and sustain the future of music in the city, as well as the musician. Music City combines the San Francisco Music Hall of Fame, a venue, a restaurant and cafe, a recording studio, an Internet TV station, fifty plug and play rehearsal studios, educational facilities, and a hotel/hostel for the traveling musicians. Music City will honor and preserve the San Francisco Bay Area’s rich musical history and provide a destination for fans, history buffs, and musicians for generations to come.

Our Mission

Music City will provide a self-sustaining, economically viable musical training facility that will serve as an incubator, offering access to the tools necessary to jumpstart the careers of working musicians and new breakthrough artists. Music City aims to inspire through performance and entertainment. It highlights the immense talent of musicians in our community, and adds to the richness and vitality of the San Francisco Bay Area’s culture.

The Perfect Gift,
—Rudy Colombini

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